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Americans are flocking to national parks, straining resources – “TODAY” Producer (June 2021)

Human smugglers are using Facebook to find customers – “TODAY” Cutting Producer (June 2021)

Ellen DeGeneres discusses her decision to end her talk show next season – “TODAY” Researcher/Cutting Producer (May 2021)

Migrant families split up under Trump policy are starting to reunite – “TODAY” Researcher (May 2021)

Shooting in Orange, California, kills at least 4, including a child – “TODAY” Researcher (April 2021)

New details emerge about suspect in Colorado shootings – “TODAY” Researcher (March 2021)

Female Marine recruits train alongside men at boot camp for first time – “TODAY” Researcher (March 2021)

Houston food banks are in disaster mode: Learn how you can help – “TODAY” Researcher (February 2021)

Many fashions on display at inauguration carried deeper significance – “TODAY” Researcher (January 2021)

Hospitals swamped with COVID-19 cases amid questions over vaccine rollout – “TODAY” Researcher (January 2021)

Graphic new images of Capitol Hill riot reveal violence, chaos – “TODAY” Researcher (January 2021)

Meet the college student who became a TikTok cooking star during pandemic – “TODAY” Producer (December 2020)

Arizona still too close to call as Trump supporters protest – “TODAY” Researcher (November 2020)

New coronavirus info emerges about air particles on planes – “TODAY” Researcher (October 2020)

California residents rescued as wildfires scorch the state – “TODAY” Researcher (September 2020)

6 feet of distance may not be enough, new coronavirus research says – “TODAY” Researcher (August 2020)

Teachers across US push back against schools reopening during pandemic – “TODAY” Researcher (August 2020)

NASCAR bans confederate flag at events – “TODAY” Researcher (June 2020)

Hero who took action when truck drove into crowd of demonstrators speaks out – “TODAY” Cutting Producer (June 2020)

Man exonerated after 37 years behind bars shines on ‘America’s Got Talent’ – “TODAY” Researcher (May 2020)

Ride-sharing companies try to win back riders amid coronavirus pandemic – “TODAY” Researcher (May 2020)

How far does a $1200 stimulus check go for American families? – “TODAY” Researcher (May 2020)

Nurse who got sick treating COVID-19 patients returns to donate plasma – “TODAY” Researcher (April 2020)

NBA suspends season after Utah Jazz player tests positive for coronavirus – “TODAY” Researcher (March 2020)

Jessica Simpson speaks out about her alcoholism, relationships, childhood abuse – “TODAY” Researcher (January 2020)

How Kobe Bryant focused on his family as his career came to a close – “TODAY” Field Producer (January 2020)

Bob Newhart: Laughter is essential to life – “TODAY” Researcher (November 2019)

Tour the real life Barbie’s Dream House in Malibu – “TODAY” Field Producer (October 2019)

Uber, Lyft to roll out safety features after assault claims – ‘TODAY” Researcher (September 2019)

Lyft conceals sexual assaults by drivers, lawsuit claims – “TODAY” Researcher (September 2019)

3 dead, suspect killed in shooting at Gilroy Garlic Festival – “TODAY” Researcher (July 2019)

10-year-old girl becomes youngest to climb El Capitan – “TODAY” Researcher (June 2019)

Teens taking devices to bed aren’t getting good night’s sleep, study finds – “TODAY” Researcher (May 2019)

2 killed in 2nd Alaska floatplane crash in a week – “TODAY” Researcher (May 2019)

Thousands honor heroic student slain in Colorado school shooting – “TODAY” Researcher (May 2019)

San Diego Zoo’s beloved pandas to return home to China – “TODAY” Field and Cutting Producer (April 2019)

Inside the shocking details from the college admissions scheme – “TODAY” Researcher (March 2019)

Facebook turns 15: How the platform is shaping our future – “TODAY” Researcher (February 2019)

After 15 years, what’s next for Facebook? – “TODAY” Researcher (February 2019)

Can at-home DNA tests tell you what foods to avoid? – “TODAY” Segment Producer (January 2019)

Al Roker and top chefs surprise California wildfire firefighters – “TODAY” Researcher & Assistant Field Producer (November 2018)

Thousand Oaks remembers victims, heroes of bar shooting – “TODAY” Researcher (November 2018)

California bar shooting: Investigators focus on gunman’s motive – “TODAY” Researcher (November 2018)

How 1 woman beat the odds to become an influential motivational speaker – “TODAY” Field Producer (July 2018)

Dean Cain gives Kathie Lee and Hoda a tour of LA – “TODAY” Researcher (May 2018)

Jimmy Kimmel apologizes for joke about Melania Trump – “TODAY” Researcher & Segment Producer (April 2018)

Utah state trooper hit by out of control car speaks out – “TODAY” Researcher & Cutting Producer (March 2018)

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt pen anthem for March For Our Lives – “TODAY Researcher” (March 2018)

Sexual predators are posing as Uber and Lyft drivers, new report says – “TODAY” Researcher (March 2018)

Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys talk ‘The Voice’ – “TODAY” Researcher (March 2018)

Florida school shooting repeats all-too-familiar pattern, Lester Holt says – “TODAY” Researcher (February 2018)

Holiday shopping deals better than Black Friday – “TODAY” Researcher & Cutting Producer (December 2017)

YouTube force to remove videos with inappropriate content – “TODAY” Researcher (November 2017)

Wildfires now deadliest in California’s history; at least 31 have died – “TODAY” Researcher (October 2017)

Las Vegas shooting: Chilling new video surfaces – “TODAY” Researcher (October 2017)

Mexico earthquake death toll rises, but survivors still emerge from rubble – “TODAY” Researcher (September 2017)

Hurricane Irma’s Expensive Recovery – “TODAY” Researcher (September 2017)

Street Fight to Destroy ISIS Promo – “Shepard Smith Reporting” Production Assistant (Spring 2017)

Debate Prep Reporter Segment – “Shepard Smith Reporting” Production Assistant (Fall 2016)

Brussels Attack Breaking News Coverage – Production Assistant, Fox News Daytime Programming (Spring 2016)

Craft’s Corner – Producer, Writer, Editor (2015-2016)

Alexandra Hess Producer Reel – Producer, Annenberg TV News (Fall 2013)

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